Faith Ascension™ Last Supper 5D DIY Diamond Painting

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Faith Ascension™ Last Supper 5D DIY Diamond Painting

It's easy to get stressed and anxious nowadays, because of the fast pace way of living we are more stressed and worried than being happy and enjoying life. Diamond painting is one way to relax, bond with your friends, loved ones, kids, partners, etc. During this pandemic, a lot of people are bored and stressed due to the fact that they cannot do what they have been doing normally before. Most of us are stuck at home, always using our gadgets and sometimes it gets too boring. With diamond painting, you enhance your creativity, your patience and most of all, an enjoyable way to bond with the people you love! 

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✔️ Excellent way to bond with your loved ones, friends, kids, partner
✔️ Enhances your creativity, critical thinking and patience

✔️ Amazing gift for your family, friends, or loved one
✔️ Gives a huge sense of accomplishment
✔️ Can be framed and hang on the wall as a decor and boosts your pride


Features & Benefits

  • Complete Package - All you have to do is unbox, enjoy and create your own Last Supper painting that you can hang on your dining table, living room or anywhere else and be proud of your creation!
  • Sense of Accomplishment - Nothing else can make you proud than showing off the art you hand-crafted! It gives a huge sense of accomplishment and achievement.
  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety Levels - These wonderful DIY Diamond Painting is a great way to reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Also makes refresh your mind by focusing on it, shying you away from the busy world for the meantime and makes your brain rest and recover your sanity!
  • Anyone Can Do It! - It is perfect for almost all ages (5y/o and above)! Even kids can do it! You just have to follow the step by step instruction that we have below!


Available Sizes:

  • 104cm x 50cm (40.94in x 19.68in)
  • 162cm x 66cm (63.77in x 25.98in)


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